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Friday, May 25   8:01 AM

Pirates 3


I saw the movie yesterday at its only showtime, 8:00 pm, with Markie and Jess.

(I had to be reminded that it was "just a movie" and that we didn't need to psych ourselves up with a preparty. By a girl wearing a pirate outfit.)

Attached to Pirates 3 was a trailer for National Treasure 2 that effectively crystalized my hatred of spoilers in trailers: a character from the movie actually tells you what they've been doing for the first half of movie so he can make a lame joke about what crazy thing they could possibly do next. I know half the plot of the movie now! I call "contempt for the audience" on that.

I'm not a proponent of drinking in movie theaters, but as we did last time, we snuck flasks of rum into the theater and took swigs whenever rum played a role in the story. I highly recommend this, though Pirates 3 is not the love story to rum that Pirates 2 was.

There was a moment early on when I took my fifth sip of Markie's coke and realized that she'd done the obvious. Also, Jess and I shared many flask toasts to awesomeness.

I have never gotten so many calls during a movie; assuming that you know where I am, there's no reason to think I'm going to pick up the phone. That time has already been allocated to movie-watching.

The St. Anthony Main movie theater was really cool: it shares a building with a chill bar called Pracna, and we hung out there beforehand after we'd gotten our tickets and for a little while afterwards. Dark wood, good beers, Legos to play with... ah.

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