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Monday, May 7   8:46 PM

Summer Movin'

I talked briefly to Jenna today about the possibility that I may be living somewhere else this summer, more because I wanted her to be on the hunt for potential roommates than because I had any cast-iron plans or was worried about the logistics, which we'd already discussed several times.

Jenna and I get along fairly well — which is pretty cool, when you consider how differently we're wired — but even barring a career-related call from D.C. it's pretty likely that I'll end up moving out in the next two months.

I just talked to my brother Matt again, and the likeliest contingency right now involves me living in his new house to help out with the mortgage.

(There was flaking on the part of a third party. God, I hate flaking.)

The moving and the extra minutes on my commute would be a slight but measurable hassle, but this seems like the right thing to do, a clear and necessary solid.

Also, while the situation would clearly be somewhat sitcom-like (the introverted English geek and the fisherman/engineer), I have several decades of experience living with Matt and I know that we're simpatico.

In fact, now that I'm not stressing about figuring stuff out — and having remembered that although we're losing Graham, several other fun people will be here in a month or so — I'm holding out the hope that this summer might actually be mighty good fun.

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