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Tuesday, May 1   7:40 AM

If I were software, would it still be in beta?

Cooked out this weekend over at Highland Park; the weather was great and cooking out was one of those good, obvious ideas. I spent Sunday trying to remember the three things I needed at Walmart, finally remembering two of the items but mistakenly buying charcoal instead of contact solution. Oh, and I got chedderwursts for cheap.

So what I'm saying is: there will probably be more cooking out.

Also on Sunday, I found myself driving behind a car with both Lawrence University and Ultimate Frisbee bumper stickers. I honked, because I know most if not all of the people who'd have that combination here, and the guy waved... but I still don't know who it was. Eh.

Oh, and I went on a bike adventure on Saturday, if a trip to the library can be called an adventure (it was a ways away). I spent a fair bit of time biking from garage sale to garage sale on the way there. That's the plan next Saturday too, I think. More fun in the Big Blue Room.

In the absence, hopefully temporary, of any significant upgrades to how I live my life, I've fallen back on trying to do more stuff like this, little stuff that I want to do but am usually too lazy to do. May your freezers likewise be full of ice cream, and your fridges stocked with the finest rootbeers.

Was it a gold chevy prizm? I bet it was my dad's car, he has both those stickers.

I bet it was, and I bet it was. He had a Mac' sticker as well...

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