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Friday, April 27   9:23 AM

Recommended: Netvibes

After reading an enthusiastic article at Slate, I've become infatuated with Netvibes. Basically, it's a site that lets you manage a lot of stuff on one page. It's especially useful if, like me, you shuttle between a work computer and a home computer. Here's my main tab:

As you can see, I've set it up with a to-do list, a NYT news feed, the local weather, and a little notepad in the lower right. That last is especially useful: I can jot something down there and see the same text when I switch computers. There are a bunch of "modules" you can click and add to check your email, to search the web or eBay or Craigslist, to set up a calendar, etc.

Here's a tab I set up, a second page with all my feeds. If you're not familiar with RSS or never bothered to install a reader program, this means that I'm watching 57 different websites for updates instead of going to them individually.

The feed tab I created seems to recheck the websites every 20 or 30 minutes (you can also force a recheck by refreshing), and it can be set to display headlines or the headlines with a brief preview. I can then visit the page, visit the individual post, or read the post in Netvibes.

I've set this tab up to share globally; you can view it here.

I don't often recommend stuff unless I think that the recommendation suits the recommendee (there's a whole category of things I kinda enjoy but would never recommend, e.g. Painkiller Jane, Tannenzapfle, and Law & Order), but in this case I think there are probably people who read this site and could benefit from this sort of mobile, modular online HQ.

Do you normally use a Google homepage? I set up a Netvibes account this week, and although it has some great features, I find myself spending more time on my Google homepage, even though it is not quite as flashy.

Dan what would you do if personal computers were illegal, or better yet lead to premature death at age 35? Sometimes I wonder....

Lmb - I use google homepage for my mail and the weather and such, but I haven't tried the rss aspect. I'm not sure it could handle a slow-day-at-the-office's worth of feeds.

Jubb - I'm sure it would be geeky... you've got me actually running the thought experiment now. At work, god knows, but I've done without for long periods before. I think I read more?

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