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Thursday, May 3   9:52 AM

Apologizing for a drive to Roseville: ridiculous!

So I went to Ol' Mex last night with special guests Ben and Nora, of Lawrence fame. Good times, but I completely forgot about the standard two-for-one special and we ended up with a surfeit of booze.

My usual awkwardness notwithstanding, it's amazing how comparatively easy it was to communicate with these people. After a few months of talking to friends who I've either just met or who haven't seen me regularly since high school — even Graham, who knows me better than anyone here, has a facial expression specifically for conveying how out-of-character he considers some of my statements — talking to Lawrentians is like losing so much static.

There's no magic to it; they've just hung out with me recently, on a fairly regular basic, in a wide variety of situations.

And like all the Lawrentians who I chose to associate with, they're fairly clever. I feel like I should add an asterisk for Jubb of "drunken naked river accident adventure" fame, but you know what I mean.

('05-'06-'07 cluster reunion in 2011.)

Is there a name for the process in which nostalgia loses its sepia tone and becomes rose-colored? I remember feeling that the Brainerdites understood me so much better, back during my first few years of college; there was a different shared outlook, a different set of inside jokes and hilariously inappropriate parlour games.

what do you mean an asterik for jubb?!!! I'm clever, maybe not clever enough to "get" Operation Kitten Calendar, but I consider that a blessing.


I should probably delete "you know what I mean" now. (That phrase always backfires on me.) In fact I think you've just invalidated the entire post.

No one doubts that sober Jubb is clever, but is drunken cleverness in the service of misadventures and destruction still cleverness? I mean, the foot incident did have a certain creativity, but not everyone would agree with me... So... asterick.

Can drunken behavior be really be that linked to cleverness though? They seem to me like two entirely unrelated categories.

And since you're probably the only one who can appreciate this: my mom sent me an email today with the subject line "Lost". Assuming it to be some crazy story about her getting lost, I opened it only to find AN ENTIRE PARAGRAPH OF LOST SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE I HADN'T WATCHED YET. Grr!

I just bought that tv. So anticlimactic when you make big purchases online.

PS - the bar was great, and 2 for 1's are always welcome.

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