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Wednesday, May 23   12:08 PM

Misc. update

Here's the exciting (?) stuff you've missed:

Lost party tonight. Come for the island drinks, stay to watch me slug Graham if it turns out that he's been slipping me spoilers.

[I should note that, as regards my "Hydras and Swans unite!" post below, I recently blundered into a Lost BBS while looking for Lost gear. Even a casual glance made it clear that the information gap between me and the Hydras is far vaster than I had imagined. Even during the offseason, there's only so much I'll want to know.]

As is his wont, Graham has presumably invited a lot of people I barely know to my house without a word to me about it. Luckily I've known him long enough to be bemused — rather than annoyed — by this.

Well, maybe a little annoyed: BYOB, gaggle of mere acquaintances.

Jenna and I continue to go out for happy hour drinks on Mondays or Tuesdays, with or without various people who are cool. (If you're reading this and know both of us, you're probably cool.) We'd both suggested something like this in the past, but now we're actually doing it.

I find that it's a nice new ritual after the nonstop Reality Show Wednesdays. Fun, but repetitive. Sometimes you want a change of scene.

(And there's also that nice "we're doing something" magic that attaches to just sitting around in a bar.)

Speaking of Jenna, she's staying in our old apartment when I move out. In... late June or July. I really like my location and rent, but I think I'll also really like The House.

Actual nickname pending. I do love nicknaming things — the last place I nicknamed was called "Realityville." God, I didn't use that nickname nearly enough.

I had some sauteed dandelions on Sunday, not bad not bad. You can hardly taste the lead and zinc. I'm not actually worried about contaminants from something I eat so rarely; however, the dandelion greens reduce to practically nothing, so they're pretty labor intensive to harvest.

I've also been reading up on clover lawns and I am sold. Cut to me in my all-black outfit, overseeding white clover under cover of darkness.

On Friday night, Graham and I went to see 28 Weeks Later, a pretty enjoyable zombie film with the usual socio-political overtones. As in the first, a lot of characters were unrealistically stupid.

Though that's just a zombie movie convention; I mean, think about it.

There was also a night out for drinks with Markie and Jess. On Saturday, I think. I hate, hate sport bars, but once we left The Library the night was pretty fun. We ended up at Whitey's Bar in Mpls. Strange to think that I had my first solo hangout with those two just last July.

Finished reading The Android's Dream. The first half or so of the book was amazing and often quite hilarious, but the wry, satirical elements faded away (to be replaced by adventure!) as the novel progressed.

I bike to the library and back whenever I finish a book. It amuses me to have tied reading to exercise in this way.

This weekend I'm heading back to B-town (my heirloom tomatoes need a repotting, and a place to stay until Matt gets the House) and going from there to my cabin. I'm not sure what day I'll leave.

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