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Wednesday, May 23   11:38 PM

Finally Through The Looking Glass

No spoilers here, I promise, though if you're still working on season two (and who is?) you should probably steer clear. Graham referred to my anti-spoiler attitude as my "religion" tonight, which isn't as far from the truth as you'd think.

We just got done watching Lost, Markie, Graham, and I. Suffice it to say: wow.

And also: gzah? Luckily, we've got months and months to figure this stuff out.

I was quite pleased that we didn't have a huge crowd, because I got to make island drinks (i.e. pometinis) for everyone. We also had a drinking game of sorts:

1. Drink every time a character responds to a question with an equivocal or otherwise ridiculous answer.

2. Drink every time Sawyer uses a nickname.

3. Drink every time someone says "brother."

4. If Walt is onscreen, finish your drink.

If you're watching the episode later, let me recommend this game. We played it (to the extent that the Hamlinites could, my fellow Lawrentians, to the extent that they could) and watched the two-hour episode and Graham hadn't slipped me any spoilers and except for the many times we yelled at the characters on the t.v. (read: Jack) good times were had by all.

There is at least one seemingly illogical and disastrous decision in this episode that I'm willing to defend, but talk to me about it later.

So ends another season of Lost.

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