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Monday, June 11   8:34 PM

In which I overuse "hilarious"

Here's the list, for Noble Joshua. There are a lot of soap opera comics out there, but after reading them all for a while I've decided that PVP, Real Life, Questionable Content and especially Goats are a waste of time. They all have funny stuff, but it's not worth sifting through hundreds and hundreds of archived strips. There are purer veins to mine.

Here are my favorite still-active webcomics, roughly listed from worst to best:

15. Not Included - This comic is really more about the drawing than the humor.

14. Partially Clips - A comic made from the same three clip art pics each week. Not often funny.

13. The Warehouse - Hit and miss, but sometimes pretty funny.

12. Toothpaste for Dinner - Crudely drawn, sad, simple, and cynical.

11. Xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Usually goes for the epiphany, not the laugh.

10. Cat and Girl - A comic for the hipster set. But I like Bad Decision Dinosaur.

9. Dresden Codak - A kooky yet high-minded webcomic; not often updated.

8. The Perry Bible Fellowship - Like Farside, but set in a much crueler, sexier world.

7. Rock City Comics - The hilarious webcomic-diary of a Minnesotan living in Texas. For the cool kids.

6. White Ninja Comics - Like Farside, but with 400% more odd dialog.

5. Achewood - The best, most badass, funniest linear-storyline comic on the Internet, hands-down.

4. Dinosaur Comics - Philosophy, science, geek nostalgia, and dinosaurs!

3. Rob and Elliot - A good webcomic about two roommates; occasionally pretty darn sharp. Great sight gags.

2. The Non-Adventures of Wonderella - A superhero webcomic with spot-on dialog and impeccable comic timing. And it's all feminist and stuff!

1. Penny Arcade - Videogame geeks will laugh out loud. It helps to read the news post first.

Also, the following webcomics, while on "hiatus," are well-drawn and definitely worth a look:

Copper - a boy and his dog and their adventures

A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible - Manic, hilarious, beautiful, and deep. This strip had one of my favorite comics.

Funny that you mention Goats. Or, perhaps, not-so-funny; I haven't read that in over a year. I think one day it went from my mind like a rock falling from a mountain.

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