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Monday, June 4   10:24 PM

If it were legal, and there was like, heirloom stuff

So Jenna found a new roommate, which means that at the end of this month (the last weekend is Matt's move-in date) I'll be leaving this neighborhood. Good news all around, really. For Jenna, for Matt, for Our Bold Hero, and for Our Bold Hero's many plants. With a yard I can keep buying stuff at the farmers' market without looking crazy.

My latest obsession is lovage. There's this awesome herb guy at the market... but I digress. And in an uninteresting direction.

(OK, a little interesting. Someone spotted me reading up on lovage at work today and exclaimed, "Is that pot?!")

I did end up going to Grand Old Days, though I left after about four hours, when it became clear that I was not up to that much socializing. I think I read something like 200 pages of sci-fi that night, which was exactly what I needed. With all the happy hours and parties and such I'd been missing my obsessive introvert fugues.

Tonight was pretty quiet, though that might not have been exactly what I needed after such a ridiculously unproductive day at the office. I rented Elebits, because it's the only single player Wii game out right now that I'm still curious about. So far: lots to do, but it's kinda clunky.

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