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Sunday, June 24   10:54 PM

And he never ever did this again

We attempted to play a Xena drinking game on Saturday — most of the girls seemed quite familiar with the show, and I caught more than a few episodes back when it was on after the X-Files. To be fair, I was usually delirious with exhaustion when I decided to stay up and watch.

A high point might have been calling Graham so that he could demonstrate ululation to a disbelieving audience. Or trying to describe to Patty how much different Gabrielle looks in later seasons.

The rules should be obvious to anyone who's seen a few episodes. Unfortunately, however, there was less hilarious craziness than anticipated and the night devolved into just a bunch of people watching Xena...

Afterwards I watched The Lady in the Water, and I'd like to think that I approached the movie with exactly the right attitude: I took it as a fairy tale with a bit of polish, a promising B-movie. Watching it with lowered expectations, I actually liked it.

I should probably be getting my stuff into boxes, but I've moved this same stuff so many times now that I don't feel like I need all week to prepare. Maybe tomorrow. This move has been approaching in slow motion for so long now that I just want it to be over, no more waiting, so that I can get settled again.

I'm searched around for We3 immediately after seeing the comic review link in your side bar. I'd read the first issue when it was first released but for w/e reason missed out on #2 and #3. That'll soon be rectified.

You'd probably enjoy The Soprano. When I get back to the states I'll probably pick up those DVDs, and I don't feel much inclined to buy DVDs anymore.

That said, I've just started Lost, and god, the joy I was missing. The pure television joy.

Eh, mistakes. Living in this country for two years has loosened my spelling/grammar skills.

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