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Thursday, June 14   9:50 PM

Life needs more ice cream

Company Carnival today: by picking the right rubber ducks I managed to win myself some candy. Though eating all of it at once was not a good idea come three o'clock, not when there are people in this world who don't know how to do a "Find" search in MS Office.

I actually got into an argument at work today, though it had nothing to do with sugar or Ctrl+F. I've become pretty averse to arguments, but that doesn't mean I won't stand up for myself when it seems like someone is trying to take advantage of me.

How much that was true... I'm not sure. It was one of those arguments where both sides are working off of premises they haven't bothered to verify. Which is to say that it was pointless, but it still angried up the blood.

You know what I miss? Calm, rational arguments about ideas. Where the hell are all my high-minded debate friends?! I have strong opinions on most political issues and spend large chunks of my day reading the news!

Jenna is usually gone until late on Thursdays nowadays, and that makes this an ideal day to run errands. Or would, if I could remember when various businesses close. The only place that was open was Walmart.

I tried for a long time to find a bocce ball set at Walmart, but I failed. I didn't ask for help, but I've tried that many times before at Walmart and it never works anyway. Here's the difference between Walmart and Target: Walmart employees work at a warehouse, and at Target they're in retail.

Walmart has really cheap bikes though; less expensive than the used bike I bought at a Chicago pawnshop. I've been biking a bit more recently, but a new bike is nevertheless very, very low on my priorities list. It's after varnish and cheesecloth.

(I have enough fiction, so last time I biked over to the library I checked out a book of cooking tips. It's no substitute for Good Eats — Alton Brown is the patron saint of this apartment — but my cooking skills could benefit from a hefty dose of tips and common sense.)

I'm going home this weekend, though not until Saturday in all likelihood.

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