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Thursday, June 21   1:44 PM

Re: Your town's lack of roadsigns

So I had one of my trademark misadventures yesterday, trying to find an office in White Bear Lake that I was supposed to have been given directions to.

(I think I might have the rage: this thought came to me after my first hour in the car yesterday, once I realized that it wasn't really road rage I was experiencing, but instead something more generalized. Symptoms include thinking almost everyone is stupid.)

I never found the office, nor was this one of those times where I get lost and stumble upon something cool.

I did, however, drive over and take a look at Matt's Place: it was prettymuch what I expected, though perhaps a bit closer to the main drag. The main drag with its delicious Burger King restaurant. Score!

Come next week I'll be able to further investigate the establishments within walking distance.

Otherwise, with the exception of a trip to Dixie's on Monday, this week has been pretty boring. Knowing that I'll be moving out soon has made me fairly restless. I'm anxious to do stuff in our neighborhood even when no one else in interested... and at the same time I'm more easily annoyed by conditions in our current apartment, e.g. our singing neighbor.

Knowing that problems are no longer inescapable makes them that much more irritating. And no less resolvable in the meantime. I miss being able to read without ridiculously loud music piping from across the alleyway.

At the bar with Jess last night, I finally articulated something I've been thinking about for a while: I want to start entertaining myself more by making rather than consuming. Making stuff in the real world, even!

Most of the stuff I want to do takes up space though, so I'll have to wait until next weekend. More restlessness.

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