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Blog research in other languages   Monday, December 18   1:07 AM

While adding a friend's Magisterarbeit to the article master list, I decided to go through his references for other articles I'd left out.

This is more than I usually do; I'd rather get the Discourse History finished, and Google Scholar currently has 24,400 hits for "blog." (I wonder if the bads hits cancel out the articles it can't find? A newspaper piece on blogging, for scholarship purposes, is almost always a "bad hit".)

I'd guess that there were maybe 30-35 influential articles, as measured by citation count for the time being, between 1999 and 2005, and I'd like to see/show when and what and where and who and whom. The "All Citations" page is largely an artifact of that effort, but since people, you know, use that page, and since I do know this guy, I added his paper.

Then I delved into German blog scholarship for many hours. It's surprisingly extensive, and there are wonderful resources like the apparently-defunct BlogInitiativeGermany.

It's my hope to — in the distant future when I've finished the history and added all the relevant links to other metablogs, recurring blog-related conferences, and journals that regularly publish blogosphere studies stuff — set up a page for German-language, etc., blog articles. A few days ago, I stumbled upon the Wikipedia page on Iranian blogs, which has a short list of related academic papers.

I've spent enough time editing Wikipedia to have become a little bit cynical about Wikipedia's editing process, but for some languages such a section might be a good option.

(Oh, and another note, a lesson that took me some time to learn: When looking for research in Spanish, a language I have never studied, remember that "bitàcoles" or "bitacoles," seems to be an alternate word for blog or weblog.)

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