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Comments (7)

Right now the main function of this list is to provide somewhere for me to cut-and-paste recurring citations from. I've tried to use MLA style throughout.

This list is, if anything, too inclusive; maybe at some point I'll drop the essays and term papers, or maybe I should only keep the dissertations? But believe it or not, some essays and term papers pop in Google Scholar.

Less surprisingly, people who've co-authored published articles have often done good work on blogs during graduate school.

posted by Dan at 4:52 PM  

I've appreciated this list very much. I've picked up even more useful links. I've found the most information on weblogs through weblogs! Useful for my research on library weblogs. Thanks again.

posted by Jud at 9:17 PM  

Thank you!
It create a great help for my research on weblogs.

posted by Anonymous at 10:39 PM  

Thanks this is very useful, here are another couple that you may find useful:

Doostdar, Alireza. “ ‘The Vulgar Spirit of Blogging’: On Language, Culture, and Power in Persian Weblogestan.” American Anthropologist. 106.4 (Dec 2004):651-663. 13 Oct. 2005 www.proquest.com.

Reed, Adam. “‘My Blog Is Me’: Texts and Persons in UK Online Journal Culture (and Anthropology)”. Ethnos. 70.2 (June 2005): 220-242.

posted by julthefool at 8:39 AM  

This is great! Please don't change a thing - I have a feeling this list and this "blog" will become even more necessary as the technology diffuses across disciplines and cultures.

Marlen Harrison
PhD student, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, English Composition and TESOL

posted by marlen at 7:42 AM  

Thanks for the cites, julthefool.

posted by Dan at 4:03 PM  

Coolness. Very handy, and props for all the work you've done.

posted by J de Leon at 1:56 PM  

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