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The year was 2003   Monday, December 11   2:52 PM

New addition: Lindahl, Charlie, and Elise Blount. "Weblogs: simplifying web publishing." Meh, nothing you don't already know there. It's 2006.

Notable: this article is one of many early blogosphere studies articles (or maybe that's all in my head) in which websites like Robot Wisdom and Rebecca's Pocket aren't cited as sources, though they're used as sources in the text. I'd like to think we have a more enlightened attitude toward the web as a source of scholarship these days. Right?

The Google Scholar count was wrong, so I bumped the Lindahl article off of the "Top 20 Most-Cited" and moved Dave Winer's May 2003(?) post "What Makes a Weblog a Weblog?" temporarily back onto the list.

I'm sorry, I am a little bit addicted to watching the citation horserace.

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