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Posting "Theorizing"   Tuesday, May 23   10:13 PM

Rather than expect anyone to read a 21-page post, I've put up my master's thesis as a PDF.

My advisor thought the end was too self-deprecating, and after reading it over again I'm starting to agree. Short answer: I didn't know how to end it... it's more of a demonstrative essay. Or something.

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Thank you for include my dissertation on your list. I would like to change the final year for it. It was 2002 I presented the Diarios Públicos Mundos privados: diário íntimo como gênero discursivo e suas transformações na contemporaneidade.
I still have another article intitled: "Avaliação mediada e avaliada por computador: a inserção dos blogs como interface na educação". A link for it:http://www.abed.org.br/congresso2005/por/pdf/026tcc5.pdf
Thanks again

Well, 2002... that's a seat on the bandwagon well worth fighting for!

I've made the change. I'll add your other article (I can't read it, but it does have the word "blogs" right in the title), once I'm back on my own computer.

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