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Post-meeting aside   Thursday, April 13   10:32 PM

So after meeting yesterday with my advisor, who gave me a lot of feedback on those first 15 pages, I've realized that — for grade-related reason — I'm going to have to write my paper for an audience more like him.

Instead of pitching it toward people who've read a bit of Blood, spend a fair bit of time in the blogosphere, and have seen any of the many blog surveys (Perseus, Herring, and the like). These kind of readers have been my audience up until now.

That means defining "blog," giving a history of the blog, and generally writing like my audience has never heard of most of the things I'm talking about. It may be somewhat painful.

Five pages for tomorrow, still working.

Update: It is pretty painful. I'm seeing some serious misreadings in my advisor's annotations (e.g. "unclear" next to most of my subtler points) — this is exactly the kind of thing writing with my audience in mind could have prevented.

Update 2: I'm supposed to focus on only one blogger at a time for the rhetoric section to avoid confusion. But as the whole point is that I'm talking about trends, I can't shake the feeling that I'm destroying evidence.

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