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Corpus schmorpus   Monday, March 6   1:25 AM

Thought while I'm rewriting some thesis pages: what is the best corpus, the blogs with the most "best writing" nominations? Or the ones that were chosen as finalists by, we assume, people who put some effort into measuring them up against the others?

I can't think of an apt metaphor offhand. The academy awards versus the top-grossing pictures? But we're not talking about hits or links, we're talking about votes in a certain category for an award. It comes down to what I think of the process used to determine the finalists — the votes of randomly chosen volunteers. Blog-conscious but not diary fans per se.

At this point I've read all the blogs in both categories, and most of the finalist weblogs. I guess I should read the top nomination-getters and see what the difference is, if any?

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