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Corpus   Tuesday, January 31   8:55 PM

That's right! My corpus! I totally forgot to tell you.

Here are the blogs I'll be studying:

2004-2005 entries


2004 entries

Real E Fun
Tequila Mockingbird
Greek Tragedy

2005 entries

Mimi in New York

These two blogs were also nominated this year, and frankly they're messing up my whole "predefined category" conceit by forcing me to narrow the field to the "ostensibly autobiographical." Obvious, yes, but I'm trying to avoid being arbitrary:

Go Fug Yourself
Said the Gramophone

Thoughts so far? I'd always thought Dooce sucked, but in reality, Dooce is pretty entertaining reading — no wonder it's the web's most popular single-author personal weblog. (I'm still a bit leery of the term "lifelog.")

But you know who does suck? Mimi. I do not look forward to spending more time with that particular writing voice, nor do I think I would enjoy spending more than three seconds with the girl behind the blog.

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I suggest you don't then! I'm not holding a gun to your head kid.

And yet I still blame you, if only for being so popular with the voters.

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