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Nussbaum's NYT article   Sunday, November 20   1:01 AM

I've held up Nussbaum's New York Times article on blogging, which some kind soul has preserved here, as an example of in-depth reportage on the subject enough times to warrant a post. Also I can delete the file with my Dijck and Nussbaum notes in it when I'm through.

Some especially good bits:

"the private-ish, public-ish, superimmediate forums kids today take for granted."

"Many of a journal's markers of personal identity are hilariously telegraphic. There are sometimes slots for a journalizer's mood and current music."

"Blogging is a replication of real life: each pool of blogs is its own ecosystem, with only occasional links to other worlds."

"And while there are exceptions, many journal writers exhibit a surprising lack of curiosity about the journals of true strangers. They're too busy writing posts to browse."

(Try to stomach the "many" in that last quote — Nussbaum's just covering her generalizing ass.)

Cite for the article:

Nussbaum, Emily. "My So-Called Blog." The New York Times Magazine, 11 January 2004.

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