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I Love You But I've Chosen X
Saturday, November 10, 2007   10:01 AM

I have a soft spot for Nothing Nice to Say, "the world's FIRST online punk comic." I couldn't really explain why — that's not my scene, and the comic is rarely laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe because it's set in the Twin Cities. (You can find an out-of-date list of my favorite webcomics here.)

For snowclone fans, the latest comic is worth reading for the final panel alone.

A quick Google search turns up numerous variations on I love you but I've chosen X:

I love you but I've chosen dockers.
I love you but I've chosen disco.
I love you but I've chosen dorkness.
I love you but I've chosen dungeness crab.
I love you but I've chosen Tottenheim.
I love you but I've chosen Charm.
I love you but I've chosen men.
I love you but I've chosen Awesomeness.
I love you but I've chosen waffles.
I love you but I've chosen grad school.

And so forth. The reference is almost certainly to the indie rock group I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, which released a self-titled EP in 2003.

I know: no comma! I had to go back and delete the dozen or so I'd instinctively added.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness is a pretty good name, but my favorite band name is still the one an acquaintance in college adopted for his (presumably now defunct) band: Alternate Universe Escape Plan B.

(My favorite word is notwithstanding, for similar reasons.)


As a Brit, I really, really want to change that last band name to 'Alternative Universe Escape Plan B'...

Alternative Universe, really? I hadn't realized this use of "alternate" was such an Americanism. I suppose you've no "alternate routes" then, either... strange...

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