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Herring, Susan et al.
"Conversations in the Blogosphere: An Analysis 'From the Bottom Up'"
  January 03, 2005    

An analysis of the non-A-List blogs. From the abstract: "This study empirically investigates the extent to which, and in what patterns, blogs are interconnected, taking as its point of departure randomly-selected blogs."

Herring, Susan C., Inna Kouper, John C. Paolillo, Lois Ann Scheidt, Michael Tyworth, Peter Welsch, Elijah Wright, and Ning Yu. "Conversations in the Blogosphere: An Analysis 'From the Bottom Up'." Proc. of the 38th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'05), 3-6 January, Hawaii. Los Alamitos: IEEE Press. 2005: 107b.

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Last updated: December 20, 2006

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