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Good Stuff: 5/30/08
Friday, May 30, 2008   8:49 AM

Here's my favorite language-related stuff for May:

You Don't Say - Splittists
Some excellent thoughts on the "baseless prohibition against the split infinitive."

OUPblog - The Eternal Fascination of OK
A post on the origin of OK that comes down definitively in support of my favorite theory.

Wishydig - Have red pen. Will travel. (part I)
Apropos of this Typo Eradication Advancement League post, a defense of the "fronted appositive."

Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics fame) has already proven that descriptivists make the best prescriptivists — but in case there was any doubt, check out this amusing "public keelhauling" of a sentence from the New Yorker.

Financial Times - One language fits all
In this review of The Fight for English: How Language Pundits Ate, Shot, and Left, Semantic Antics: How and Why Words Change Meaning, and the inexplicably subtitle-less English Next [PDF], Henry Hitchings considers the future of English.


Hi Dan, This has nothing to do with the last post but I thought you'd be interested in the comments regarding today's Star Tribune article:

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