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Not to be confused with blogversary
Monday, April 14, 2008   12:57 PM

If you'll allow me to be extremely pedantic for a second: blog is short for weblog, not web log. Famed blogger Jason Kottke agrees; in fact, he's claimed that weblog predates web log.

And hey! This isn't just speculation! The Wayback Machine can actually show us the very first instance of the word blog:

For What It's Worth
I've decided to pronounce the word "weblog" as wee'- blog. Or "blog" for short.

(That was in 1999.)

When I was writing my master's thesis on diary weblogs ("How to be Unemployed for Three Months After Graduation"), I encountered the web log canard countless times. Even Wikipedia gets this wrong — I'd fix that myself, but I've dealt with hardcore Wikipedians before, and correcting the first sentence of the Blog article sounds less like a good deed and more like a nasty dare.

I've been thinking about bloggy etymologies lately because today is the first blogiversary of Notes from the Copy Editor. Reading through the above rant was your present to me. Very thoughtful of you.

Unfortunately, the origin of blogiversary and its variants is still murky, and likely to get murkier as time passes and more old blogs go offline or are buried by new websites.

Some people claim that the blog TalkLeft coined blogiversary, and it probably did popularize it, but I couldn't find any mention of that word there before this June 2003 post. Elsewhere on the web, I managed to find a December 2001 cite for blogiversary and a September 2001 cite for the variant blogaversary. Let me know in the comments if you've found anything earlier.

Anyways, for the curious and lazy, here's my first real post.

Also, thanks to everyone who's read and/or linked to this blog in the past year. It's been nice to have an outlet for my English geekitude.


happy blogiversary!

Looking back (and it's a long way back - blogs were in black-and-white then), I probably should have written blogiversary, not blogaversary - after all, anniversary is spelt with an "i". Maybe bloggerversary would have been better (many of us were using Blogger then as WordPress hadn't been thought of and Moveable Type wasn't really around either).

But in any case, I'm not sure that I was the first to use this word, however it may be spelt. I've searched the archives of a few likely suspects who were blogging around this time (and earlier) but none of the archive searches confess to the use of this term. But there were several British bloggers around at that time who have either moved or deleted their archives and I'm sure one of them used the term earlier than I did.

However, if it was coined by me, then I'm happy to accept what little kudos might be attached to that!

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