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Leaving the wrong impression
Wednesday, December 12, 2007   12:09 PM

From an "Impressions" promotional postcard:

Yes, yes, they wrote stong instead of strong. However, when spotting an error like this, it's important not to miss the forest for the trees.

As I did, momentarily — but then I thought "hmm... that aphorism seems unusually asinine..."

The actual quote is "Strong expressions create deep impressions." Check quotes, if you can.

(Also: who the hell is Skip Ernst?)


Thank heavens you posted the original quote. My brain was hurting from contemplating what sorts of idiot would think the postcard version (even sans typo) was deep enough to warrant writing down, much less a whole postcard.

I've not heard of the "author" either. I can only hope that this aphorism is not the most memorable thing he's written.

Is it weird to really love the word stong? Stay stong. We are stong.

Great blog.

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