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Good Stuff: 9/10/07
Monday, September 10, 2007   11:23 AM

As you've probably noticed, the blog in the sidebar has prettymuch replaced my regular "Good Stuff" feature. But since so many people found it useful, I might keep x-posting "Good Stuff" on the main blog anyways. Or just go back to my usual system of one-offs disguised as fake "regular" features.

Here's some of the best stuff I've read recently:

'It is I,' said the fullback
A bold argument against the longstanding practice of "fixing" quotes in reportage. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to see Bill Walsh of Blogslot fame saying this — but he's absolutely right.

A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
I have lost hours and hours to this site. Probably the definitive word trivia webpage.

The grammar of the Maple Leafs
As Bradshaw of the Future explains, there's a simple rule for pluralizing exocentric compounds (e.g. still life): just add an s.


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