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Good Stuff: 7/9/07
Monday, July 9, 2007   8:13 PM

It Figures - Figures of Speech
A neat blog illustrating rhetorical devices with modern pop culture examples. It's a much hipper alternative to the list that I've been using.

The Book of Lists - 33 Names of Things You Never Knew had Names

The rustle of silk, the symbols that comics use to indicate swearing, the space between the thumb and extended forefinger... I looked up a bunch of these words and they seem to check out.

Language Log - Totally phat
In high school the acronymnic folk etymology of phat was, as Fry would say, a "widely-believed fact" — Zwicky debunks that etymology here.

Language Miniatures
Little mini-essays on language topics. I have to admit that I haven't read much of this yet, but it certainly looks interesting.


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