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Good stuff: 6/19/07
Tuesday, June 19, 2007   9:19 AM

A new thing, because long posts take time. This might become a regular feature, unlike all my other, pretend regular features.

Language Log appreciates the beauty of the beauty of a same-vowel trifecta.

Harry Potter and the Grammar Police
Literal Minded defends J.K. Rowling's "weakness for adverbs" against people who don't know what adverbs are.

(Note the delicious snowclone Rowling has created with her book titles. I'm reminded of the Futurama gag about Al Gore's newest book, Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth.)

Book Review: "The Ethics of the Story"
The Editor's Desk has piqued my interest in this book, about the decisions honest reporters, copy editors and assignment editors make while crafting a story.

When Socialites Write Books
I was amused by the lede to this scathing review, in which The Hater focuses her disregard on manny, and similar words that "can actually produce an adverse physical reaction in people."


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