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Drinking with performance-enhancing drugs
Tuesday, September 16, 2008   6:16 PM

Oh my god, why did I not see a doctor about this years ago? I just gave myself a few sprays of Flonase and this New Belgium Skinny Dip is so sweet, and just a little grassy. Hurrah for blondes!

I won't claim that I suddenly have super powers, but it's clear that I'm a little out of practice when it comes to actually tasting my beers. I would have reflexively gulped this down if not for the smell.

And the doc said that the cumulative effect of this stuff is substantial (the Flonase, not the beer — but also the beer), so in between the spray and my neti pot I think I have my senses under control. No more Belgian Beer Fest debacles (about which more later).

Now if I could just figure out what makes me this way every winter... next stop, the allergist.

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