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The little cooler and the Sugar Room
Monday, September 8, 2008   12:49 PM

On my way to go camping this weekend I stopped at a liquor store to get some beers; unfortunately, my cooler is too narrow for regular bottles, so it was between Red Stripe and Negro Modelo. I do want to revisit Red Stripe at some point (it's been at least two years), but I had to go with the dark, caramel goodness of Modelo.

Whenever I buy something like this — that is to say, something I'm used to getting at the bar — I always feel especially thrifty. I mean, six beers for what I would normally pay for one?

(Why did I refuse to buy that six-pack of Hopslam again? Was it really because it was as expensive as two pints of Hopslam at the bar?)

PBR and Premium were there for us when the Modelo ran out, but without any game or other real reason to keep drinking, I stopped well before I got too drunk, i.e. the point where I would be hungover the next day. This is progress.

I went to Mankato on Saturday, and The Sugar Room there turned out to be kind of a cool bar.

(Although they apparently cleared off Brooke's friend Wes' drink when it was still 2/3 full, which would be beyond strange. I have an easier time believing that someone stole it.)

I had a Summit EPA, my second-favorite Summit after the Great Northern Porter, and because I was feeling adventurous I followed that up with a Guinness.

That... wasn't very good. Guinness has a reputation as a finicky beer ("have you had it on tap," "have you had it in Europe," etc.) and for whatever reason this particular draft didn't impress me.

Yesterday with dinner I had my last New Glarus Organic Revolution. I kept grabbing those from the fridge because I didn't want to drink anything too dark or too special, but it's actually really good.

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