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Good Stuff: 8/17/07
Friday, August 17, 2007   12:28 PM

Cormac McCarthy & the semi-colon
Found via Language Hat: one writer's prescriptivism horror story. This one is about style differences, not imagined grammatical errors, but it still angries up the blood.

NYT Magazine - The Road to Clarity
A lengthy article on the birth of Clearview, the new highway sign font, along with some thoughts on fonts generally.

stationary vs. stationery
Fight homonym confusion! I found two of these yesterday, and after double-checking at Bartleby, I wrote back to the writer in question with the advice that "stationAry is the Adjective."


(Re McCarthy post) There were a fair number of imaginary grammatical errors, too (the list on Language Log looked depressingly familiar) but one doesn't like to break the 5,000-word barrier in a post...

(Solidarity fist)

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