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Sunday, July 9   8:49 PM

They will devour your summer and you will smile

Contrary to our expectations, the Mariokart Drinking Game does not work with older versions of Mariokart. You need Double Dash, kids. Sorry.

Also: LibraryThing! It's not about social cred, it's about books. Books you own, books you like. Tagging books, rating books, reviewing books. The site combines user-submitted info to give you all kinds of information.

For example. Six of the 25 top-rated books are by Bill Watterson. John P. Meier is the author whose books average the highest rating. Already I've discovered the sci-fi book Jennifer Government by looking for other works tagged "libertarian" and "sci-fi." Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the most-listed book — you can list 200 with a free account. These authors have LibraryThing accounts. There are four different book recommendation scripts.

And seriously, we should forget Wikipedia and just start linking to these mindblowing author pages, I mean, I can look up the average review for a work by Dave Eggers. They are collecting the stats and they, we, are rating him as a (mediocre) author. It's the wisdom of crowds, people!

Here's my profile, here's my library, here's Rock Show Girl's library. She's the one who wised me up. There's no friends list, but you can add people to you watch list and see what they're reading.

Get an account. Everyone knows you're a geek; now it's time to come out as a bibliophile.

Speaking of goodness, it's time to play many hours of The Warriors. Think A Clockwork Orange meets Grand Theft Auto. Weep with joy.

Double Dash? Are you sure? I've only ever played it with 64.

I'm fairly sure you're mistaken. Ben and I tried it with 64 the other day and it was a completely different game. Jonas already had his Gamecube junior year when we started playing.

hmmmmmm... Ok, maybe the 'only' was a bit of a stretch. But I'm fairly sure I remember playing 64 the night of the Rubik's Cube party. Too bad those pictures show people rather than the TV screen.

Dangit. I hate it when pictures show people and not TV's. And I'm positive it was the Gamecube version.

Yeah... we looked at the controllers and they're certainly Gamecube. I vow never to speak again.

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