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Monday, June 21   2:40 PM

And here begins the status quo

I've been treading water economically for the past week, using my tip money and per-delivery bonuses to cover expenses like patching up The Deathtrap's muffler and buying a pay-as-you-go cell phone.

That ends tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday. I've set limitations on the sort of things I can buy when I have $300, $1000, $2000, etc. in my bank account. Very loose limitations.

In other news, I went mini-golfing with Dylan on Saturday, tied, then saw a late showing of The Day After Tomorrow, which I knew would be bad. Dylan had that particular bee in his bonnet, however, so now I know just how bad it was.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, The Day After Tomorrow would be a much better movie if it didn't take its message so seriously. Why not have Vonnegut's infamous Ice-9 do the same thing? I'd see that movie. Also, there was rampant product placement.

In any case, skeptical environmentalist Bjørn Lomborg and his cadre of noble prize winners turned me off of the Kyoto Protocol once and for all earlier this month, so the film's apocalyptic message is wasted on me.

After the movie we ended up at Amelia's house, which occupies roughly the same pivotal central location between (Dylan's) Garrison and (my) Unorganized Territory as Graham's house does.

We sat around there and talked for an hour or two. Someone handed me a free beer—Michelob Golden Light, the tasty brand Adam introduced me to last week—and I stuck with that as my substance of choice.

I hadn't yet fixed my muffler on Saturday, but the cop who stopped me on the ride home was more concerned with my broken headlight than my egregious noise violation. Odd.

I worked Sunday night and I've got today off. Dylan left for the Cities sometime yesterday. I still haven't figured out what I want to do with all this free time.

Well, actually I suppose I should go help my dad get some computer accessories for his new office. There's nothing like going to Best Buy and spending money that isn't yours.


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